VIA Apostolica Canada is a growing movement of convergence churches across Canada. Started on the eve of the ascension in 2012, VIA Apostolica was launched as a national movement.

'The Way of the Apostles'

VIA Apostolica is a Latin phrase meaning ‘The Way of the Apostles’. Looking to the clear foundations laid out in scripture and the apostolic tradition (specifically the first 300 years of church history) we are a movement dedicated to the establishment of Christ’s glorious church. As a convergence movement we find our roots in the three streams of the Historic, Charismatic, and Evangelical church. (click here for more on convergence)

Our logo has been designed to highlight our values and the call we feel God has placed on us as a movement. The logo’s various symbols represent the different streams of the church, all of which are of deep value to us. The treasures found within each stream come together in each of our local church expressions, and result in a beautifully rich expression of what it is to be the Body of Christ.