The Nature of the Church

Via Apostolica has recently updated our vision statement:  Via Apostolica is an orthodox Anglican Missionary District (a jurisdiction of churches) who are devoted to Christ, his Church, and his world; a church that is united to Christ by the Holy Spirit, hears Christ in Holy Scripture, and encounters Christ in the Holy Sacraments; a church whose roots go deep into our apostolic past but whose branches stretch far into our culture; a church that loves sincerely, worships adoringly, and serves selflessly. 

Through the season of Epiphany, we want to remind ourselves of who we are as the church.  We are pursuing the following objectives

1.     To strengthen our understanding and commitment to building the church after a year of pandemic impacts

2.     To explore how we stand in these places when we aren’t gathering

3.     To refresh our understanding of Via’s vision statement.

4.     Use the Corinthian church (1 Corinthians) as the scriptural basis for our considerations.