Via Apostolica has had a relationship with two Kenyan based ministries for the past 12 years.

The first group is based in Kitale and is lead by Mwangi and Pauline.  Mwangi and Pauline give leadership to a ministry which focuses on young people.  They run a home for teenage moms and their kids - called Esther home;  two family based orphan homes; and host a variety to outreach events for youth.  In support of these ministries they have also started a number of business ventures which support these ministries - a bakery,  3 - greenhouses - are a couple examples.

The second is a church planting ministry lead by  Wilson and Alice and based in the Turkana region of Kenya.  Over the past 15 years, Wilson and his leaders have planted 25+ churches in this remote, desert region, including several in South Sudan.  The average combined Sunday attendance in these church is now +2200/week.  Many of these churches are in small nomadic villages and are made up of people who continue to live a very traditional lifestyle - herding goats and camels.    

The last full mission trip from Via to Kenya was 3 years ago. Because of this long gap in visit we are helping to send a small reconnaissance team to Kenya this April.  Brett, Wanda and Lawrence from Via Comox Valley will be in Kenya April 4 - 18.  The team’s responsibilities would be to assess the health of the ministry in Kenya, invest in Via’s relationship with the leaders there, and explore the needs and options for ongoing 
ministry in the future, including the potential to bring a more ministry-focused team in 2019.
We would value your prayer covering as this team goes to Kenya. We are also raising funds to help with team travel cost and ministry cost during the trip.  Your offering should be clearly marked “Kenya Mission Trip”.