Purpose of Corpus Christi

"Corpus Christi" means The Body of Christ. We believe the best place to train and disciple people in their faith is within the church—the Body of Christ. We welcome those who are curious, those who are new to faith and those who have been Christian for a long time.


Phase I: Identity


Your identity is who you are. It’s the essence of your being. It’s what defines you and gives your life meaning and value. In our culture, we look to things like success, money, sex, pleasure, fame, position and relationships to confirm our worth. We end up feeling empty and dissatisfied.

Phase I is all about understanding and living in our true identity. You’ll spend this phase exploring and discovering who you are in Christ and learn to live as one who is free, confident and powerful!

Phase I is designed to set a foundation for the Christian life, mainly by establishing a full and robust revelation of Jesus. It’s about moving Christian truths from the head to the heart where they have the power to bring about life transformation.

What to expect:

All classes take place in a home setting. This provides for relationship building and meaningful discussion. Teaching is interactive and applicable to life.


  • $1200 for the year
  • Payment can be made upfront - or in monthly installments

Time commitment:

  • October - May
  • Week - day evening sessions - (Day to be determined)
  • Daily Prayer & Scripture reading
  • Short writing and reading assignments


For more detailed information visit the Corpus Christi Website @ www.corpus-christi.ca