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Join us for an evening of Prayer starting at 8pm.  

Prayer vigils provide for us an extended time to meet with God.  Often in prayer it can take us an hour or two just to get the laundry list out of our heads.  Spending a longer time in prayer provides us with the space many of us need to move beyond that list.  As well, the vigils are an act of sacrifice... a fasting from the comforts of sleep or the self satisfying activities of entertainment that often fill a Saturday night.  One thing we'll proimse is that you won't regret coming!  

What to expect:

Prayer vigils are a very contemplative environment where we can spend some good time answering God's invitation to 'be still and know He is God'.  The evening is a loosely structured time consisting of space for both individual and corporate prayer, as well as some extended worship.  Bring your Bible and Journal with you as both can be really helpful towards engaging with God in prayer.  Around 11pm we come to the Lord's table together, and are able to spend some longer time at the table in a responsive posture of prayer and recieving.